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Our Care Team

Our Care Team at Eaton Street Centre Inc, are responsible, warm, caring, skilled and highly motivated diligent educators. Their different cultures and personal experiences together with their qualifications and training make this centre a very rich place for staff to share and for children to gain knowledge about others and the world around them.

Our staff are flexible, enthusiastic and a dynamic team that adapt easily in a multicultural and fast-paced environment. They enjoy a great relationship with the wider community especially with the parents, carers, School Principals and other professionals involved in the ongoing process of educating children. Our team is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is safe, fun, encouraging, stimulating and adapting to each child's individual needs. 

Coordinator & Nominated Supervisor:

Xavier Graves -

Educational Leader:

Sione Filitonga -


Bookkeeper & Accounts:


Certified Supervisors (Responsible Person):

Sione Filitonga, Xavier Graves, Hugo Alley and Palkesh Mishra, Samantha Boediman. 

The rest of the team:

Shirley Chen, Angie Turcumani, Samantha Boediman, Zoe Newton, Caitlin Fairweather, Tonille Walsh, Oscar Neufeld, Lauren Webber, Giulia Broodryk, Jake Jepson, Mathias Miccoli, Ella Shield, Florencia Ramirez and Aileen Rosas. 

Junior helpers: 

Connor Sinnott, Matilda Rowles, Isabelle Hiles, Talon Byth and Dylan Johnston 

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