Vacation Care

Eaton Street Centre runs Vacation Care in all NSW government school holiday periods. Our aim is to create a fun and interesting program that gives the children a variety of experiences, while also having time to recuperate from the school term. Our educators endeavour to provide for individual and group interests and build lasting relationships with our children and families.

The December 2020 (17th and 18th) and January 2021 (11th - 28th) Vacation Care program will be published on the 23rd of November. Bookings will open on the 30th of November at 9 am.

Sun Safety

Throughout the vacation care program, sun protection is high on the list of priorities.

It is planned and will be executed as such:

  • Every child will be enforced to wear a hat.

  • On incursions and excursions, sunscreen will be indefinitely available.

  • The children will be required to apply and then re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours in most circumstances.

  • For activities where water will be involved, the children will be required to apply and then re-apply sunscreen every hour. 


To maintain these expectations, there will be specified breaks during the day, at these 1 - 2 hour intervals, to collaboratively ensure all children have undertaken the necessary steps of sun protection.

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We work in partnership  with the Balmain School Community

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